Buddhic Wesak in Mount Shasta



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Gautama Buddha

Beloved Ones, I call you from my heart and draw you to the Wesak Valley for this special Celebration. If you wish to experience this moment (etherically) and receive the beautiful direct transmission of the highest yearly release of energy for your Divine Mission, we invite you to join us for the Heart of the Mother Wesak Celebration in Mount Shasta on May 14, 2014.

The program will build a collective momentum throughout the day, culminating with an etheric trip to the Wesak Valley in the Himalayas to experience the descent of myself, Lord Buddha, at the time of the full moon in May. Lightworkers gather from all traditions across the planet for this special moment to see the descent of Lord Buddha and to receive the transference of the highest yearly release of energy to the assembled Masters, gurus and teachers to be passed to their ashrams and the Lightworkers around the world.

That which can be experienced and integrated during this time within a group field is greater than that which can be done on one’s own. Special gifts and empowerments are being created now to share with all who attend. Examine your heart to know if this is your time and place to receive these Wesak Blessings.

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Ram Buddha is a young Nepalese man who has recently received the Mantle of Lord Maitreya – the Buddha who is to come. His mission is expanding globally at this time and he will be blessing us with his etheric presence during our Wesak Celebration.

His Message:

“I now hold the Mantle of Lord Maitreya, which I received on 12-25-2013. It is my honor this year, to be the first recipient of my father, Lord Buddha’s energetic download. From his lotus heart to mine comes this high frequency gift for the year 2014. My twin, Mary-Ma McChrist, receives this for the Divine Mothers and it is from this place that I distribute this awesome gift to the Manu and the Lord of Civilization. This Light Fusion will then be disseminated from them to all awaiting Ascended Masters, their ashrams and to their chelas. The Mother will receive for the Mother Matrix (which is all the Divine Mothers of each tradition) the Love-Light for the Divine Feminine Masters and their yearly missions.

This year for the first time, the actual template of the Golden Age will be lowered by the Trinity of Father, Mother and Son. This is the Divine and Holy Blueprint, never before created, is being placed into the Earth’s crystal grids and atmosphere. It will be held above by the Buddha, through by the Dharma Sangha Maitreya twins, and below in Mother Earth’s flaming Lotus Heart.

Each Light-Love disciple is asked to anchor this Vision within your heart as the transformation of this age is a collective effort.

Dear Ones, my meditation holds this Vision fast; Ma holds this Immaculate Blueprint in her Lotus Heart. We are joined by thousands of twin couples who hold the seed in vision of the Divine Golden Age.

Offer your Love and acts of Loving Kindness to all sentient beings as we create the new day of Divine Peace.”

I Am Bomjon Sambodhi Ram Maitreya Buddha.

Heart Stream Mary-Ma McChrist 4-6-14







The Power of Thought – The Buddha


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Received by Mikaelah Cordeo, Ascended Master Messenger for the Hosts of Light

Dear Ones, I  speak with you from the realms of illumined truth. I Am the one once known as Gautama Buddha and now also one who holds the office of the Planetary Logos.  This job entails holding the consciousness of every living being on or in the Earth within my field of awareness and of direction in the larger scheme of things. That is I direct those of my direct team of advisors and Councils of Light to take action that will serve the highest good for the larger groups of humanity and ultimately will be directed into the more detailed assistance to any given individual.

At the time of Wesak (the full moon in Taurus) I come to those who are drawn to join me – as the Buddha – in ceremony and celebration in the Wesak Valley in the Himalayas. Many come physically, many more join us on etheric levels of consciousness. At this time all who attend receive a Divine Blessing of unique light encodements and subtle energies and messages that bring each one their Divine Plan for the coming  year. Some revealed instantly others in Divine Right Timing.

What I wish to speak of at this time, is for each one who is drawn to Service of the Light and all that serves the Highest Good, to remember to focus on that which is good, beautiful and worthy of attention, especially that which you hope to achieve as your service to the larger picture. Anything else is a distraction and offering energy to that which you do not wish to see come to pass.

That which you focus on increases. Those of you who have achieved significant attainment must be reminded – your thoughts and intentions are significantly amplified due to your consciousness on higher planes of awareness. Thus, stay focused on the positive. Pray for the highest and best outcome for all. If you think of the current world social and political situations as topics for worry, then you expand that which is worrisome. If you think of the expansion of light, joy, peace and love, then that is what is created.

This is the time of testing and preparing. We are being shown the consequences of our every thought, word and deed very quickly as we more and more closely align with the 5th Dimension. Choose to be part of the enlightenment of the planet by your thoughts, words and actions. Those who cannot make this transition will not be able to stay with the planetary shift. It would not be an act of love or kindness to allow them to not only create destructively but to instantly receive the consequences of the magnified return of those energies.

I look forward to sharing more thoughts with you as we are swiftly drawing into full unification with the Fifth Dimension.

Path of the Heart – A Wesak Message from Lord Gautama Buddha

I Am the Buddha, I Am Gautama. We will speak the words of Love, of Joy of coming together in Oneness. That is my message to you, through you, for this sacred time.

I wish all to know, to imagine, to understand that a great change is about to come to pass for all the Earth. The time will be upon you quite soon, when a vast overlighting of all on Earth will come to pass. A great gift will be transmitted to all – a great healing of illusion’s sway in far too may lives around the world.

That which is not real will be dissolved and swept away. Only that which is real will remain.  there may be a bit of a surprise, but no one will be truly confused or doubt for a minute that they have received a tremendous blessing. Some will be confirmed in their path. Others will turn from a former direction and strike out with renewed hope for that which will lead them ever more truly on the Path of the Heart.

For some this will lead to new friends, partners, and letting go of hose with whom there is completion. For others there will be a deepening of the connections with those who are already known.

But, for all, it will be a time of coming together inn new levels of trust, certainty, harmony and joy.

It is a time of coming to new understanding of the miracle that is the Essence of Life expressing in and through the companions of your life.

Now, I ask you to take this moment to be in harmonic resonance with all the levels of your being (vertically into the reaches of Heaven) and with your closest companions (horizontally across the Earth). Let the resonance expand to fill the building, the neighborhood, the city, the state, the country and the world. Feel your resonance with the fish and the whales, with sea urchins and seals, with walruses and polar bears, with tigers and giraffes, with mice and elephants, with angels and elementals and men, women and children around the planet – with deserts and mountains, cities and farms, wilderness, birds, cats and dogs. Feel the abundance of life flowing in and on and around this world and all worlds. Know the Divine Life that is everywhere.

Know the symphony of music of the spheres, the Dance of Spring, the art of sunset and flowers, stars and galaxies. All life bursting forth in great exultation! This life as we are meant to experience and express it.

Breathe it in. Believe it. All is Well!

All is terrrific!
Terra – Terrific!

Received the evening before the Wesak Full Moon
May 2, 2015 by Mikaelah Cordeo

Buddha’s Message for Wesak 2015

Dear Ones,

Know that Love, Wisdom and Power are flowing light body ascendingto each of you throughout this year. Each of you will be moving through amazing transformational states. Some will be exhilarating, others will be challenging. All will be leading you forward cosmic step by cosmic step into the New Earth frequencies and Heavenly paradigms.

By participating consciously in the Buddha’s transmission of energies this year during Wesak, you will be receiving new templates in your etheric structures that will enable you to more easily align with these changes. As well, your own portion of the Divine Plan will be more readily understood and accessible to you. You will receive encodements that will draw to you those with whom you will be most harmonious during these times.

We encourage you to regularly use whatever tools you have available to you to release and let go of what no longer serves you and to forgive and bless all that you are with each day. There is still lingering karma and clearing is extremely helpful to all.

It would be a great blessing for you to spend time in prayer each day asking for the angels to be present with everyone who needs their help in a variety of ways. They may be finding a new home, new work, new family and friends. They may be facing illness, hunger, loss or danger. Pray that all may grow in compassion and give of their abundance to those in need. Pray that all needed help might come with ease and grace. Pray that all feel the blessings that are coming each moment as they pass through this time of transition and transformation.

My blessings are ever with you.

I Am Lord Gautama Buddha

through Mikaelah Cordeo 4-21-2015

Gift from the Buddha


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Received by Mikaelah Cordeo, April 28, 2014

Beloved Ones, I Am the Buddha.

I have come to you today to speak of many things. First of all I wish to say to you and to each and every one who reads or listens to these words, “you are loved.” You are blessed, you are cared for most deeply, most intimately. Your every need is observed. Your every desire is welcome in the infinite abundance that All Life desires for each of you.

For those times when it feels your desires are not being fulfilled, your needs are not being met, we ask of you one very simple thing, dear ones, trust that the good that God/Goddess, desire for you is in the process of being fulfilled in the most perfect way that is possible, and that perfect way includes the releasing of all that no longer serves you, the deep cleansing and clearing of those subtle thoughts and built up patterns of habit that stand in the way of your greater good, of your truly living in joy and abundance, of being with the beloved in the most conscious and positive and blessed way. So we say to you, give thanks this is true, that you are loved, that you are blessed, that all of your desires are being fulfilled – even as we speak.

And we know as we watch you and observe your needs, and your desires, and the great love and strength and that you are, the great power that you wield, dear ones, you are far more than just a limited creature, walking and talking in your lives on earth. Each of you is a facet of a great Cosmic Being and the work you do on Earth affects – not just the entire Earth – it affects the entire the universe, the entire Multi-verse. For the individuality of God/Goddess that you are, is not a random miniscule piece, it is a cosmic wonder. You represent a cosmic principle, an expression of the Divine that is unique. Not just because it is something different to behold, something like, this tree is more lovely than that tree, but rather that this life that you live – each choice, each moment, each thing that you receive, each way you receive, each gift that you give from your heart, – these choices are significant throughout creation.

And your choices build with one another into a great cosmic miracle of life living and expressing and co-creating that which is greater than has ever been.

We know that so many of you wonder, why are there so many bad things happening on Earth? We ask you to know in the depths of your being, that which is playing out on Earth, is a reflection of patterns from throughout the Multi-verse that are focused here on Earth to be seen, to be observed, and to be corrected. And some of these things can be done by one individual, and others of them require a number of individuals, and still others require a consensus of individuals around the planet.

And we understand that the way things are on Earth at this time, it is difficult to find any one thing that all agree on. But, that which is good, that which is desirable, that which is holy, that which serves all, people are striving from the depths of their being to find that way, that truth, that light that gives them the option of making a difference. They are finding their Way, their Truth, their life in form, through intention. They are drawing those opportunities, those experiences, every single iota of potential matter is poised to come together and create a world that is better, that reflects good, right action, right knowing, right living Know that you are an integral part of the Divine Plan. Each of you – every time you struggle – every time you are tempted – every time things seem to be blocked or not going the way you desire, Dear ones, the great power of the universe – the universal Tao flows through you, through your focus, through your intention, through your desire and creates a way.

And things open before you and you find that one step after another leads you deeper, into the truth, into the beingness and the lovingness that allows you – allows you not just as a small bit of humanity, but as a great stream of cosmic consciousness that is expressing through you as an individual. One that comes together in harmony with others to create a way that others may follow and add their piece and create a greater way, a great Highway of Being is expressing now on Earth and touching your solar system and your galaxy and your universe and indeed all life on all levels of being is touched with your every thought and every right action. And dear ones, the way the universe is created, it does not allow you to have massive impact from error. It is only Truth, it is only Love. It is only the essence and the purity that God has created as perfect that creates this wondrous beauty, this great power expressing through you.

It can only be expressed in perfection. That which you feel might have been imperfect or not well done, it reflects back to you and you self-correct. It does not go on and on and on, creating more chaos. It comes back to you until greater and greater perfection is your will, is your path, is your pattern, is your life. Is your piece of the divine whole on Earth and throughout time and space.

You, dear ones, you are co-creators of the Divine Flow, of the Divine Reality of goodness in all its many forms. And we ask you, dear ones, to breathe, breathe, breathe and align with the goodness that you are, with the truth that you are, with the love that you are. Breathe, know it and believe it. And dream your dreams. Let yourself be inspired, by the power and the grace that is the divine essence that flows through you.

And take this gift I give you now, this gift of clearing. Perhaps centuries, perhaps millennia, of erroneous thinking, little tweaks and patterns in your field that constantly trip you up and no longer serve you.

If you are willing and you are ready now, I give you this gift. I give you this gift of myself, my life, one with you, my dear ones, I invite you to open and to receive this step forward, ever more perfectly the divine lighted path. The path of God/Goddess. The path of the Buddhas. The path of truth, of love, and wisdom and power. You are ready now to receive this gift. I invite you to sit quietly now, it takes only a moment for this gift to be given and for you to receive it. But sit, dear one, sit in the stillness a moment, for a few minutes, and just breathe. Breathe in the beauty, breathe in the light, and now your cells can receive, and now your body can take in and come to a higher place of healing, that your heart can receive and come to a greater place of loving. This is our gift to you today, dear ones. And there is greater still that will come in the days to come. God bless you all. I Am Gautama Buddha and you are loved. You are deeply, deeply loved.